Swami Satyanand

​Born in 1945, Swami Satyanand grew up in Gujarat, India. Prior to becoming a Sannyasi1 at the age of 40, Swami Satyanand worked as a chemical engineer and ran his own business selling osmosis equipment.  He worked 12 to 15 hours a day without any vacations, and felt driven, as many people do in today’s world, to increase his wealth and possessions.  He built a very nice house with all the amenities.  Due to the stress and struggles of his busy life, his health failed him and he started questioning his life’s purpose.  He became so ill and desperate that one night, he found himself dying.  His body was shrinking away and he thought that this might be the beginning of the end.  It was then that Swami Satyanand realized that he had been following the wrong path.  “There must be another way,” he thought.  “There must be a path that will bring me to lasting happiness.” [[{"fid":"944","view_mode":"default","type":"media","link_text":null,"attributes":{"height":"378","width":"200","class":"media-element file-default"}}]] With this, his search for the true path to happiness began.  In 1985, he found his true Guru, Swami Rajarshi Muni, a highly accomplished yoga who had renounced the world in 1971 to pursue yoga sadhana.  Swami Muni guided him in the wisdom of the Vedas, which state, "The human being should relinquish the path of preya (material well-being) and seek instead the path of shreya (spiritual well-being).”  Soon after joining The Lakulish Institute, Swamiji passed the certificate course in Hatha Yoga, and received a diploma in Ashtang Yoga in 1990. Through the divine blessings of Swami Muni, he discovered that the divine power of prana within us is the real power and that there is no other Swami Satyanand states, “I am happy, satisfied with what I am doing, and living a purposeful life. Earlier in my life, I appeared to have everything, but I was still missing something that made me feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.  Now I am a Sannyasi1  and have nothing; but I feel that I have everything.  I have surrendered to God and He takes care of me. I will never again be caught unprepared when death approaches me.  My living example indicates that happiness does not lie in the fulfillment of desires-for there is no end to our desires. They will never bring happiness.” Swami Rajarshi Muni initiated Swamiji in the cadre of monk in 2002, and asked him to serve humankind abroad.  Since then Swami Satyanand has been providing his services conducting yoga classes and seminars in yoga studios, as well as teacher training courses throughout the United States, Italy, Canada and Taiwan.  In 2010, he secured a beautiful countryside property close to Mebane, North Carolina, and the Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat (Life Mission USA) was opened shortly thereafter.   Swami now resides and teaches yoga and gives seminars at his Mebane ashram.  In addition to Hatha yoga and Ashtang yoga, Swamiji is knowledgeable in the areas of Ayurveda, diet, shat kriyas, anatomy of yoga, physiology, hygiene, acupressure therapy, yoga therapy, psychology, and Sanskrit.  He is familiar with at least 600 asanas and various pranayamas. In the winters,  Swami Satyanand teaches several courses at Lakulish Yoga University in Ahmedabad, India, the first government accredited yoga university in the world.  He continues his mission to spread the knowledge of sanatan dharm throughout the world, thus improving the lives of everyone who is searching for truth.    _______________________________ 1 Sannyasi  is a Hindu religious monk or mendicant who has renounced worldly life.