Classical Hatha Yoga


This is certainly one book on Yoga for the serious practitioner or teacher of Yoga should be in possession of. It is perhaps the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of Yoga and it is written by an extremely highly advanced Yogi whose personal practice is authenticated by the scriptures and all known classics. The annals of spiritual literature will long remain embellished by this truly extraordinary work.

It consists of profusely illustrated text arranged in a standardized format laying out the techniques of execution of some 550 yoga postures, the individual postures grouped into 76 groups. 777 color photo illustrations support the textual instructions. Every posture is dealt with in a detailed, step by step technique, in each case accompanied by the appropriate regimen for breathing. Advice is given in each group as to the postures to be practiced at three levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. The physical therapeutic and subtle benefits of each group are given. Anything of particular note in relation to any given asan is also recorded. The fact that is never lost sight of is that at the heart of it, yoga is a spiritual discipline and practice has to do more with the spiritual towards which the body and mind are but essential stepping stones. Throughout, the work is firmly anchored in its spiritual moorings and the practitioner is constantly kept aware of the nature and ultimate goal of his or her practice and of its fruits. All in all, this is the most exhaustive book ever on this subject. Its range and span are unprecedented. It covers the full gamut of yoga as delineated by the ancient texts. Perhaps no work of any known time represents over 500 yoga postures.