Bhakti Yoga


Author: Swami Rajarshi Muni Publisher: Life Mission Publications Published Date: 10/15/2013 Binding: Paperback Pages: 122 In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says: "I have delineated three paths for the benefit of humans: Karma Yoga, Gyan  Yoga  and Bhakti Yoga. There is no way other than these." This book is the third in the trilogy of definitive books written by Swami Rajarshi Muni on Karma Yoga, Gyan  Yoga  and Bhakti Yoga. Karma Yoga precedes and offers entrance to Gyan Yoga and Gyan Yoga precedes and offers entrance to the true Bhakti Yoga. These books offer an unparalleled presentation of the authentic yoga of India as experienced by a realized Yogi through over 40 years of intensive sadhana and authenticated by the ancient scriptures of India. In this book on Bhakti Yoga, the author emphasizes the paramount importance the Scriptures have assigned to Bhakti Yoga. For not only is it impossible to attain union with God without the Sadhana of Bhakti Yoga, but it is almost impossible to attain  the  the  desired  results of either Karma Yoga or Gyan Yoga without at least some level of Bhakti being present, and so Bhakti is both a cause and an effect. The author details how one can gain entry into Bhakti Yoga, the obstacles one typically encounters in its  practice,  and the ways and means of overcoming these obstacles.