Activities at Life Mission, USA

Activities at Life Mission, USA Activities at Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat

  • Yoga courses on Karma-Gyan-Bhakti Yoga.
  • Spontaneous practice will be imparted to deserving candidates that can lead to true physical, mental, and emotional transformation.
  • Classical Music and Dance programs.
  • At the Ashram, one can observe silence in privacy of their room and engage in required practice and introspection.
  • Week-end Retreats on Healthy Living.
  • A Healthy Yogic and Ayurvedic Diet according to one’s Constitution and practice.
  • Youth camps on Culture, Dharma and Yoga explaining the meaning of life.
  • Celebrations of Indian festivals and auspicious days like Mahashivaratri, Janmastami, Guru Purnima. 
  • Yoga training classes for teachers.
  • Spiritual discourses on Indian Philosophy for purposeful living through love, dedication and service.