Karma, Gyan, and Bhakti Yoga Level 2 Course



Where ?
Virtual Online via Zoom
When ?
Friday, October 30, 2020 - 1:00pm to Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 5:00pm
Event description

All students who have completed Karma, Gyan, Bhakti Yoga Level 1 Course are invited to attend the Level 2 course. The second course in this three course series builds upon the foundational teaching present in Level 1. Karma and Rebirth are studied more extensively with practical applications of the information presented. Additionally, Bhakti Yoga is developed with much greater detail and depth than presented in Level 1. And the Shad-Darshan or systems of philosophy relevant to Sanatana Dharma will be presented in greater detail. 

The course will begin with a review of Level 1 concepts and teachings. Each day of the course one hour will be dedicated to a practical application exercise relevant to the course material. While didactic learning is important to gain an understanding of the concepts, these practical sessions help ground the teachings into real life examples that you can then take and apply ongoingly. These teachings must be pragmatic and help in living life or they have little value to the spiritual aspirant.

Because of the pandemic and risks of infection, the course will be held online via Zoom conferencing. All students will need a computer with internet access in order to attend the lectures in a meaningful way. Slides will be presented during each of the talks to help give visual cues to the students that anchor what is being conveyed by the teacher. If possible, all students should attend all of the sessions because information builds as the course progresses.

Course Dates: Friday - Sunday, October 30 - November 1, 2020

Daily lecture times: 1:00 PM  - 5:00 PM (Eastern time)

Tuition: $100 for the three day course. Students with financial concerns may contact Mehul Patel to discuss options  (by email at mehul-patel@comcast.net). To complete this payment part of registration and begin the full registration process, click on the "Register for Event" link below and make sure that you then go to your shopping cart to complete the purchase.

Registration: Once you complete the payment process using the Register tab at the bottom of the page, the course leader will contact you via email. Make sure you include a valid email when completing payment. After this initial step, a separate registration form will be sent to you and can be returned by email. Please register early so that the course book and materials can be sent to you so that you can read them before the course.

Optional Test: If you would like to receive Certification for successfully passing the course, a test will be made available for you to take online. For those wishing only to attend the course but not be certified, the examination is not necessary. The test will be an online test to be taken anytime within 1 week after course completion.

Zoom Conference informaiton: Once registration is complete, you will be sent a link and instructions on how to use the Zoom Conference. The Zoom conference is fairly easy to use and only minimal computer skills are needed.

If you have any questions, you may contact Todd Hoover, MD (Vidyacharya) at toddhoover@msn.com




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