Introduction to Karma, Gyan and Bhakti Yoga Online Course


Todd Hoover, MD

Where ?
Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreet
When ?
Friday, May 22, 2020 - 1:00pm to Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 4:00pm
Event description
Introduction to Karma, Gyan, and Bhakti Yoga Course
Where: Due to the current Pandemic, this course will be held live online via Zoom on your personal computer. Computer access will be necessary because slide presentations will be used in addition to live lectures.
When: Takes place online May 22,23, and 24, each day approximately 3 hours of seminar time.
Course content: While Hatha Yoga is designed to help make the body more fit and pure, the Karma (action), Gyan (knowledge), and Bhakti (devotion) aspects of yoga help to guide one’s thoughts and actions in life to become more harmonious with a higher purpose or spiritual path. These aspects of the ancient Indian practice of yoga are non-denominational, universal pathways to help you achieve greater well-being, peace, and joy in your life. Rarely taught outside of India, these traditional guides to living will be presented in an extremely practical and interactive approach so that they can be immediately applied to your life in a meaningful way. The tenets of Karma, Gyan, and Bhakti yoga are applicable to every age group, lifestyle, and level of yoga knowledge.
This course is recognized by the Lakulish Yoga Institute of Gujarat, India, and a certificate of participation will be presented upon successful completion of the course.  The material presented in the online version will be the same material that is presented in the in person course, but due to the constraints of this format, no examination will be given at the end of the course.. Time will be provided for questions and answers after each of the lectures.
We invite you to attend this course to empower yourself and move your life in an even more positive way.
Instructor: Todd Hoover, MD (Vidyacharya) will be presenting the course material. 
Dr. Hoover is a graduate of the Lakulish Yoga University and has maintained a personal yoga practice over the past thirty years. The course structure was designed by Swami Rajarshi Muni, the current spiritual leader of the lineage that was begun by Lord Lakulish and passed on to Swami Kripalvanandaji (known as Swami Kripalu in the United States). 
Questions about the course or registration may be directed to Dr. Hoover at 610-209-8711 or
Costs:  A special discounted (one half of normal price) tuition is being offered since this is the first online course by Lakulish Yoga Retreat.
The tuition of $50 will cover all the three days of the course.
Course Materials: Please register early to permit sufficient time to mail the course book (included in price) so that you will be able to read the material before the course (this is very important to help with comprehension of the material). In addition, Dr. Hoover will email the specific Zoom Link information, instructions for Zoom participation, and password for your attendance. Using the Zoom application on your computer is very simple and straightforward.
Life Mission, USA is a registered nonprofit organization providing programs and instruction on authentic yoga practices based in Indian tradition and Sanatan Dharma.

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Jay Bhagwan.

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