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Teaching and Research

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In his speech of November 2001, given in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the establishment of the the Lakulish Institute of Yoga, Swami Rajarshi Muni said:

"Indian spiritual knowledge is expressed through Six philosophical treatises, known as Shad-Darshan. One of them is 'Yoga Darshan', propounded by Sage Patanjali that states that the ultimate objective of a yogi should be liberation, which means freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. In order to fulfill this goal, a Yogi must attain the divine body which has no death or rebirth.

The ancient scripture Shvetashvatar Upanishad says: "One who attains the body purified through the fire of yoga, does not get disease, old age, or death." This is the real result of yoga, without which there cannot be freedom from death and rebirth. My Guru Swami Kripalvanandji taught this principle of the divine body and the practice of Divine Yoga and when he inaugurated the Lakulish Institute of Yoga, he certainly had in mind that the Institute should teach genuine aspirants this, the highest level of yoga."

  • Research

The Institute was established by the Late Swami Kripalvanandji with the objective of contributing to the human well-being by way of teaching yoga and the yogic way of life worldwide. It aimed at offering not only all yoga related education, but also to conducting research into yoga practice.

The research into yoga practice that was initiated by the Institute, will most assuredly be continued on by the University. It will be both method oriented and applied research. One aspect of yoga that was researched in depth by the Institute and will continue to be researched by the the University is the functioning of pran in various yogic processes such as asan, pranayam, shat kriyas, bandhas, mudras etc. Both Swami Kripalvanand and his successor Swami Rajarshi Muni have explored this subject in depth and have found that pran is the intermediary energy that establishes the connection between the body, mind, and soul. A practitioner who can recognize and experience this energy, undergoes spontaneous purification of body and mind.

Swami Rajarshi Muni has described this spontaneous working of pran and its physical and mental manifestations and purifications in his book, "Yoga experiences" and also in his new forthcoming book, "Yoga of Spontaneous Meditation". His all encompassing book, "Classical Hatha Yoga" is considered to be his monumental work.

Yoga constitutes the most important aspects of human life and the university courses will accordingly focus on the all around development of the human personality - physical, mental and spiritual.

In 2015, Lakulish Yoga University officially established the “Lakulish Yoga University Higher Studies and Research Academy” at our Jakhan Constituent Center in Surendranagar District, Gujarat, India. 

The LYU Higher Studies and Research Academy is dedicated to unfolding the many universal applications yoga has to contribute for the welfare and benefit of mankind. Through centuries and millennia-old ancient scriptures of India, researchers have an opportunity to understand the truth depth of yoga and explore yoga as a scientific process of the inner evolution which brings about the growth and expansion of human consciousness. 

An abundance of literature is available to students at the University involved in research studies on yoga and students are taught the significance of practical applications  through experiential findings to further contribute to current research on yoga. 

LYU Higher Studies and Research Academy has approximately 30 students enrolled in the Ph.D. program within its first year. Current students are researching a wide range of  topics in the field of yoga. 

LYU hopes to continue its expansion of research in order to promote holistic health and personal growth through the ancient science of yoga to people all over the world irrespective of race, religion, and nationality. 


Teaching Program

Three-year Graduate Degree Program in two streams:

Courses offered in two Streams (Majors): 
Stream A: Ashtanga Yoga

Stream B: Karma, Gyan & Bhakti Yoga

Students can opt for Stream A or Stream B. 

The program of Stream A: Ashtanga Yoga is designed mainly for students who are physically fit and athletic in order to undertake a vigorous amount of exercise and who are potentially able to perform intermediate and advance level asans. 

The program for Stream B: Karma, Gyan & Bhakti Yoga is designed to suit students of any age group. There are no physical requirements for this course. 
For more information about courses, please refer to the “Courses and Certification” tab above.