Lakulish Yoga University - Introduction

Main Campus:
Lotus View, Opposite Nirma University
Chharodi, SG Highway, Ahmedabad 382 481
Gujarat State, India
Tel: 91 79--65445678

A University of Yoga is Born

The Lakulish Yoga University was founded April 22, 2013 under the Gujarat State Private Universities Act of 2009 and was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat State, India in a special ceremony commemorating, not only India's first, but the world's first government accredited Yoga University. India being the birth place of Yoga, how fitting that the world's first Yoga University be established on its soil. Swami Rajarshi Muni is its Founder.

The seed of Lakulish University was planted by Swami Kripalvanandji (affectionately known to all as Bapuji) on November 13,1976 when he inaugurated the Lakulish Institute of Yoga:

"Today I experience great satisfaction by inaugurating the Lakulish Institute of Yoga. In fact I had done its subtle inauguration six years ago by way of initiating Rajarshi Muni as my sannyasi disciple. A real institute is not a building made of bricks and mortar, but that of a pious renunciate and realized Yogi."

India is the birthplace of yoga and has spread the light of this spiritual knowledge since ancient times. In the present time the light of yoga has been flickering. We shall have to be careful to preserve this precious treasure of life, namely yoga, which is a gift given to us by our ancient sages and seers.

I wish that the Lakulish Institute of Yoga may grow to become a full-fledged University of Yoga, in which the spiritual aspirants from all the religions of the world may learn and practice yoga. I know that this Herculean task cannot be fulfilled without the grace of Lord Lakulish (Bapuji's Guru - the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva). By inaugurating this Institute I have merely obeyed His command. I leave the result to His divine will. I pray to Him that this Institute may produce real yogis and offer spiritual guidance to the whole world."



The Philosophy of the Lakulish University of Yoga

Yoga is non-sectarian in principle and universal in application. It is a scientific process of inner evolution bringing about an expansion of consciousness. Yoga is the path leading one from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and from illusion to reality. Therefore, it is for all seekers of truth, irrespective of their religion.

Yoga is neither a religion, nor a part of any religious system. It is around the practice of Yoga that the great religions of the world have developed. This is the philosophy of the University.