Yoga Classes for June and July (Starting June 7th)

Yoga Classes at Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat for June / July 2018

Dear Yoga Student,

Jay Bhagwan (I salute the divine that is within each of us),

I am happy to announce that weekly classes for Hatha Yoga will begin at the Lakulish Center on Wednesday June 7th, 2018. Unfortunately, Swami Satyanand has not yet recovered sufficiently to teach the classes himself, but I will do my best to fill his shoes.

I was trained and certified as a yoga teacher at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox Massachusetts in 1990. Soon after that I taught a number of classes at various locations in the Philadelphia area. Over time as my family medical practice became busier, I had to give up my main classes, but still filled in periodically for my own yoga teacher.

For me, yoga is an integral part of my life. My daily practice helps me let go of my limiting concepts and stretch into living a life of service and devotion. While the physical aspects of hatha yoga are important for maintaining a healthy body, the spiritual aspects go much deeper to help release stress and purify the mind.

I hope to lead the group according to the physical capabilities of each student. While I encourage everyone to stretch in order to open the body, it is important to respect our individual limitations. I have always found value in going to class on a weekly basis to grow my understanding and ability in yoga.

I invite you to come join us and bring a friend or two. You will have an experience of the safe and loving environment of the Lakulish ashram, give your body some deserved attention, and let go of the stress in your life at least for an hour or two. I am happy to answer any questions about the yoga class via email at

Classes will run 6:30 – 7:45 (ish) pm each Wednesday evening June and July beginning on June 7. 

Yoga classes are free to all participants according to tradition. Mats are provided, but you may wish to bring a blanket.

All are welcome to attend a devotional Aarti ceremony will be conducted at 6:00 pm before each class.

We hope that you will join us for a healthy vegetarian meal after class as well. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect and converse with like-minded folks.


Vidyacharya (Todd Hoover, MD)                             

Individualized Yoga Instruction
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