Testimonial from Subhash

Dear swami
Jai Bhagavan!

On behalf of myself and all the participants in the recent retreat at your lovely ashram,
would like to extend our heart-felt gratitude for making this retreat a most memorable experience. We all appreciate
the loving care with which our friends in the kitchen prepared all the meals, taking fully into consideration
special needs by many of us. All the meals were delicious!

The facility itself is very peaceful, serene and has highly positive vibrations. We could feel these vibrations as soon
as we stepped into the ashram premises. The yoga class conducted by you with the "yoga dance" as a special feature was a
real treat. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. With such a positive experience, many of the participants have requested that I repeat a
 similar retreat sometime in early Spring of next year. I will get in touch with you in early/mid-March to check

With warmest regards, Subhash (from Group of 20 Retreat Attendee)