Hemal Patel

Lakulish Health and Yoga Retreat in NC is the place I call Ashram as well. I understand the word Ashram, as a place where spiritual awareness strengthens and one reconnects with the inner self in a true manner.  This is also a place where one tries to have minimum needs of the luxuries of the world and reconnects with Nature and GOD in simplest manner.  

Ashram is the serene place where I truly experience the peace within myself, I actually feel the power and existence of GOD.  Swamiji educates us about the importance of physical health, mental health and the spiritual health.  Yoga classes, the organic garden, fresh air in the fields and walking trails help start our day in a such a powerful way that the word exhaustion never comes to mind.  Spiritual discourses by Swamiji helps with understanding the true purpose our life and what should be the ultimate goal of having a Human Life.

It's a very calm and quiet place away from the chaotic world yet not too far from a practical world. I have enjoyed visiting the Ashram for over five years now.  Each visit adds more to myself realization and brings more healthy approaches to living a very meaningful positive life.