Ashram Guidelines

Welcome to the Lakulish Yoga and Health Retreat at Mebane, N.C.  We are delighted to have you here.  You are now in a Sacred Place.  To ensure a rewarding and meaningful time during your visit, we ask you follow these Ashram guidelines for the benefit of all those attending and serving you in this facility. Dress Code: The benefit of Hath Yoga is enhanced when you wear loose fitting garments. Please refrain from wearing sleeveless, tight fitting and revealing garments, including shorts.  Please leave your footwear outside in the designated area.  No shoes are allowed in the auditorium, temple, kitchen and the residence.  Please do not wear perfume. Food and Drinks: Only vegetarian food (no eggs) are consumed on these premises.  No alcohol or smoking is allowed.. Offering/Daan:   The concept of making an offering for the food/service as well as volunteering your time in service to the Ashram is deeply beneficial to all. We encourage you to consider this concept of Daan, or offering, while using this Facility.  Donation checks can be made out to “Life Foundation”. Cleanliness: Please keep the premises clean.  “Cleanliness is Godliness". Electronic devices:   Please turn off all electronic devices during the Retreat. Internet and cellphone service is very limited.  Verizon wireless network can be reached if one walks to the entrance. Attendance: To maintain the spiritual purpose of the Ashram, all guests are required to follow the Ashram schedule.  As a mark of respect to Swami, please attend lectures and arrive on time. Check In/Out: All guests and visitors are required to check in upon arrival.  Rooms will be assigned upon arrival. Parking:  Park in the parking lot.  Please do not park between the kitchen door and main entrance (rolling shutter gate).  Enter the facility through the Eastern Rolling Gate. No Pets Are Allowed. Please observe celibacy on Ashram premises.