Rasayan Therapy


Rasayan Therapy

Jul 05, 2016

Rasayana means the therapeutics, which promotes dhatus – tissues of body and increases strength and immunity against diseases. Charaka has divided the line of treatment in two types. One is to protect the health – promote tissues and increase defensive mechanism of the body in healthy individuals and second is to cure the diseases in ill individuals. 

Rasa is a very first dhatu produced after intake of food which is highly nutritional fluid and supplies essential nutrition to almost all tissues. ‘Ayana’ means seat or way or house, ‘Rasayana’ means seat or house of excellent Rasa dhatu which improves quantity and quality of Rasa together in all tissues. 
In charaka Samhita – chikitsa sthana 1st chapter that is the section of therapeutics begins with Rasayana chapter. It contains four sub-chapters called ‘Pada’ named as:

  1. Abhaya Malakiya, Rasayana: gives the different preparation of Abhaya – Terminalia Chebula and Snalaki – Embhica officinalis which are most common herbal Rasayanas.
  2. Prana Kameeya Rasayana: prana - means life, kam means desire. Rasayanas for them who want long life. 
  3. Kara Prachiteeya Rasayana: Kara - is a hand – one should go to the Amalak tree and with his own hand he should get the fresh Amalak fruit and eat with specific method, which has an excellent action in body. The method is given in this chapter.
  4. Ayurveda Samuthaneeya Rasayana: The sages – Angira, Jamadagni, Agasti, etc., who had made great efforts to develop Ayurveda - used to take Rasayana – it deals with details. 

Sushruta has also given 4 chapters in chikitsa sthana from 27 to 30 – namely, (1) Sarvopaghata shamaneaya Rasayana – means the treatment which pacifies to all diseases (2) Medhayuskameaya -  means which increases intellect and life span. (3) Swabhara Vyadhi Pratishedheeya – which means prevention of Natural diseases like old age, grey hair, sleepiness etc. (4) Nivratta Santapeeya – that means the medicine which dismisses chronic fever or chronic incurable troubling diseases.     

Action of Rasayana – Therapy:

The following action of Rasayana are described in all texts. 

  1. Rasayan produces longevity
  2.  It improves memory
  3. It improves intellectual power
  4. It cures many chronic diseases
  5. Maintains youth
  6. Creates excellent luster of skin
  7. Produces good complexion (prabha)
  8. Produces good voice
  9. Increases the strength of body and power of sense organs
  10. Increases power of psyche and maintains healthy psychic condition by producing satva guna.
  11. Charaka says ‘speech becomes successful’ that means whatever one speaks it becomes truth

Drugs used in Rasayana therapy:

There are herbal, minerals and also animal drugs which are used in Rasayana therapy.

No. Ayurvedic Name Latin Name
1. Amalaki Emblica Officinalis
2. Bibhitaki Terminalia Belerica
3. Haritaki Terminalia Chebula
4. Triphala Combination of No. 1,2 & 3
5. Pippali Piper Longum
6. Bhallataka Semecarpus anacardium
7. Vidanga Embelis ribes
8. Bala-Ati bala Sida corditolia & yellow varify of sida corditolia
9. Shankhpushi Convolvulus Pluricaulis
10. Bramhi Bacopa monnieri
11. Vidarigandha Desmodium gangeticum
12. Shatavari Ipomea paniculata
13. Jeevanti Lepta denia Reticulata
14. Vacha Acorus Calamus
15. Guduchi Tinspora Corditolia
16. Shilajatu -
17. Suvarna Gold - Special preparation form of ashes
18. Abraka Mica - Special preperation form of ashes
19. Rajat Silver - Special preperation form of ashes
20. Krishna loha Iron - Special preperation form of ashes
21. Honey, Ghee -


Kinds of Rasayana :-                                                  

Rasayana is of two types.

  1.  Kuti Praveshika – To be taken in specific type of room in the hospital. 
  2. Vatatapika – To be taken in any type of climate, at home.

The following Rasayana are very powerful to get the maximum effect :

  1. Bramha Rasayana
  2.  Chavan Prasha
  3. Amalak Rasayana
  4. Haritakiyoga

Sushruta has described following very common recipes as Rasayana

  1. Only cooled water
  2. Only pure milk.
  3. Only pure honey.
  4. Only pure ghee.
  5. Water + milk.
  6. Water + honey.
  7. Water + ghee.
  8. Milk + Honey.
  9. Milk + ghee.
  10. Honey + ghee. In unequal quantity
  11. Water + milk + honey.
  12. Water + milk + ghee
  13. Milk + honey + ghee
  14. Water + honey + ghee.
  15. Water + honey + ghee + milk. – All these recipes have tissue promoting action.

The following Rasayana are used for a particular type of tissue (Dhatu).

  1.  For Rasa – Shatavari, Bala, Pippali
  2. For Rakta – Blood, Meat, Juice, Iron etc.
  3. For mamsa – Shatavari, Nagabala, Shilajatu.
  4. For Meda – Ashwagandha, Ajasthi, Guggulu
  5. For Asthi – Ajasthi, Praval, Mukta (Pearls), Sudha (calcium) etc.
  6. For Majja – Medhya Rasayana, Aindra Rasayana, Shankha puspi
  7. For Shukra – Vajiekarna like Coucha Paka (preparation of Mucuna Pruriens)
  8. For Kapha dosha – Bhallataka, pippali, Trifala
  9. For Pitta Dosha – Amalaki, Shatavari
  10. For vata dosha – pippali, Aswagandha, guduchi


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