How the Secrets of Yoga are Transferred from Guru to Disciple


How the Secrets of Yoga are Transferred from Guru to Disciple

Sep 13, 2017

How the Secrets of Yoga are transferred  

From a Guru to Disciple 


One day Dadaji said to Bapuji, “I want to tell you a few special things today.”  

Guru and disciple walked down a narrow lane and entered into a temple of Lord Shiva at Mathura.  

“Swami, today I am going to teach you something invaluable. I shall unravel before you the profoundly secret mysteries of Yoga. Earlier I initiated you into Yoga, but I did not reveal its secrets.” 

“Will I not have the benefit of your presence when I pursue my Yoga Sadhana?”  

“No. And that is why I am telling you in advance. Actually, the custom is that the Guru should reveal the mysteries of Yoga only when the disciple reaches a particular stage of progress. At that point the disciple will need special guidance. I am sharing them with you today so that you may not experience any difficulty due to my absence at that time.” 

After all his doubts were laid to rest, Dadaji asked his disciple, “Have you now clearly understood the mysteries of Yoga?”  

Bapuji answered with sincerity, “Dadaji, I have properly heard whatever you have said and have it clearly in mind, but I do not yet have the capacity to understand all these aspects in their entirety.”  

“It is good enough for now if you remember all that I have told you. You will gain a proper understanding through your own Yoga experiences.” 

 “But may I make some notes in my diary?” Bapuji asked.   

“No. These matters should not be written down. Tradition clearly holds that the Guru may only explain such things orally to his disciple. In the Gita Lord Krishna explains to Arjun: “Now that you have received this knowledge, You should not, at any time, impart it to one who is not leading a life of austerity (Tapa), who is not a devotee, one who is not eager to listen, nor one who would betray or misrepresent you. 18:67.)   

Of course, references of an esoteric nature are certainly to be found in the scriptures. But they will make no sense until one has made sufficient progress in Yog sadhana. One cannot understand these mysteries merely by reading something written in esoteric language. One must achieve a certain level of Yog to gain an understanding of these matters. Only then can the esoteric meanings of the scriptures be understood with the help of an experienced guru.”  

“You have been extremely kind to reveal the mysteries of Yog to me in advance, even though I have not yet reached the required level. In the future may I also unveil these mysteries to someone in advance?”  

“No. I know that you will reach that stage in the future. Therefore by explaining these mysteries in advance I have made an exception.” 

“You know the past, the present and the future, and you say that even if I am not eligible at present, I will be in the future. This certainly makes me feel very happy. I realize that it is only through your grace that I shall become eligible.” 

“Remember that you should reveal these mysteries to a disciple only when he has proven his eligibility by making sufficient progress. Never reveal them to an ineligible person.” 

“I will certainly obey your command. Your revelation of these unique mysteries today is a sign of your great mercy. I am highly indebted to you. When will I be able to repay this debt?” 

Dadaji answered Bapuji’s question in this way: “My son, there is a difference between worldly and spiritual debts. Worldly debts are settled on the basis of the give-and-take between the individuals concerned. But spiritual debts can only be repaid by following the tradition of passing on the knowledge one has acquired from his Guru.  Thus, when we acquire knowledge from the Guru we are not required to return his gift even though we are indebted to him. He does not need it; he already possesses it. 

 There is only one way that a spiritual debt can be repaid: We shall never cease to be indebted to our Gurus until we pass on to a worthy disciple, at an appropriate time, the knowledge we have acquired. To be free of spiritual indebtedness, then, this knowledge must be passed on progressively from Guru to disciple. 


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